Lesson Sixteen(第十六课)
	A:How   many  seasons are there in a year?
	B:There are four  seasons in a year.
	A:What  are they?
	B:They are spring、summer、autumn and  winter.
Lesson Seventeen(第十七课)
	A: Do   you like  morning or  afternoon?
	B:   I   like morning.
	A:  Why  do   you like  morning?
	B:  It  is the beginning of a day.
Lesson Eighteen(第十八课)(选修)
	A:Do   you have a doll?
	B: Yes,  I  do.
	A:Does  he  have a doll?
	B: No,   he  doesn't.
	A:Why   do  you  have a doll  and   why  doesn't he have a doll?
	B:  I  am   a  girl   and   he is  a  boy.
Lesson Nineteen(第十九课)(选修)
	A: Where did  the   spider  go?
	B: It   went  up  the  water  spout.
	A:What  washed it out?
	B:The rain washed it out.
	A:  Did it   go   up again?
	B:Yes,  it did.
Lesson Twenty(第二十课)(选修)
	A: What  is  a star?
	B: A star   is  a  sun.
	A: Why  does  it  look so  small?
	B: Because it  is  very   very  far.
Lesson Twentyone(第二十一课)
	A: Where did  little Jack   Horner sit?
	B: He  sat    in the corner.
	A:What    was   he  doing?
	B:He   was   eating his  christmas pie.
	A:What    did  he  pull out  from the pie?
	B:He   pulled out a plum.
	A:What    did  he say?
	B: He said  “What a good boy  am I”.
Lesson Twentytwo(第二十二课)
	A:Did Peter have a wife?
	B:Yes, he did.
	A:Could he keep her?
	B:No, he couldn't.
	A:What did he do?
	B:He kept her in a pumpkin shell.
	A:Did he keep her there very well?
	B:Yes,he did.