Lesson Twentyseven(第二十七课)
	One day, a donkey was eating grass in the field. 
	Suddenly a hungry wolf came.
	“ I want to eat you!”said the wolf.
	The donkey was very afraid, 
	and he thought hard to find a way to escape.
Lesson Twentyeight(第二十八课)(选修)
	“What a fat and delicious donkey!
	 I will have it for lunch.”
	The wolf 's mouth was watering
	and he rushed up to the donkey. 
	The donkey pretended to have a hurt foot.
	 “My foot hurts!”he shouted.
Lesson Twentynine(第二十九课)(选修)
	The wolf felt strange and asked,
	“What's wrong with your foot?”The donkey said, 
	“I have a thorn in my hoof. 
	If you eat me, the thorn will hurt your throat. 
	Please pull it out before you eat me.”
Lesson Thirty(第三十课)(选修)
	The wolf held the donkey's hoof 
	and he looked at it again and again.
	“Well, where is the thorn?”he  asked.
	Just then, the donkey kicked the wolf's face hard and ran away.
	“ You stupid wolf, I don't have a thorn in my hoof at all, 
	  I tricked you!”