A Millionaire
1、My older uncle retired from work. 
2、He and his retired wife live in a 3-bedroom apartment in the center of Beijing. 
3、Because of the rapid rise in  the price of real estate, his Beijing apartment, at present, is now worth more than 2 million yuan. 
4、In effect, he has become a millionaire and he now lives the life of one. 
5、He rented and moved into a very good house in our hometown that is near the sea for 600 yuan a month. 
6、Then, he leased out his Beijing apartment at a price of 8,000 yuan per month. 
7、Now my uncle and aunt have enough money for spending. 
8、They have hired a full-time maid to wash, clean and cook. 
9、They get to travel abroad once or twice a year, and often travel in the country. 
10、They often have meals in different restaurants. 
11、They are truly enjoying the life of a millionaire.