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Chapter 10

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ժҪ: Chapter 10

Chapter 10



1.'Good morning, Mr. Gregg,' I said.

2.Mr Gregg lowered his hammer and looked at me.

3.'My name is not Gregg any more,' he said.

4.'In honour of my feathered friends, I have changed it from Gregg to Egg.'

5.'And I am Mrs Egg,' said Mrs Gregg.



1.'What happened?' I asked.

2.They seemed to have gone completely dotty, all four of them.

3.Philip and William then began to tell me the whole story.

4.When they had finished, William said, 'Look! There's the nest!

5.Can you see it? Right up in the top of the tree! That's where we slept last night!'



1.'I built it all myself. Mr. Egg said proudly. 'Every stick of it.

2.If you don't believe us,' Mrs. Egg said, 'just go into the house and take a look at the bathroom. It's a mess.'

3.They filled the tub right up to the brim,' Philip said.

4.They must have been swimming around in it all night!

5.And feathers every-where!'


1.'Ducks like water,' Mr Egg said. 'I'm glad they had a good time.'

2.Just then, from somewhere over by the lake, there came a loud BANG!

3.'Someone's shooting!' I cried.

4.That'll be Jim Cooper,' Mr. Egg said. 'Him and his three boys.

5.They're shooting mad, those Coopers are, the whole family.'



1.Suddenly I started to see red . . .

2.Then I got very hot all over . . .

3.Then the tip of my finger began tingling most terribly.

4.I could feel the power building up and up inside me . . .

5.I turned and started running towards the lake as fast as I could.



1.'Hey!' shouted Mr. Egg. 'What's up? Where are you going?'

2.To find the Coopers,' I called back.

3.'But why?' 'You wait and see!' I said.

4.'They'll be nesting in the trees tonight, every one of them!'



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